About me

Hi, my name is Sheila Hutton and I’m a California-based housewife, foodie, and blogger on a mission to share my unwavering passion for simple food tips and tasty recipes with my readers.

As an advocate of good food, my only hope is that what I share instills a sense of pleasure and joy in people’s lives. Food really is the binding glue that brings us altogether. By now, you can already tell what a huge part of my life food is.

So much so, that I’ve been an avid reader of food-related blogs for as long as I can remember, and two years ago, I made the decision to launch my own.

But all things culinary became a big part of my life after graduating college and working as an accountant for half a decade.

Once I got married and quit my job, I devoted all my time to taking care of my loved ones, including my wonderful husband and two beautiful children.

Whenever I’m the kitchen, my go-to meals wind up being rotisserie chicken, grilled dishes (grilled potatoes, grilled salad, etc.), and crepes (which are a huge hit with the kids).

Outside of eating and cooking good food or writing about it, I love capturing beauty through a camera lens.

With an unquenchable wanderlust, I also enjoy traveling as much as possible. (Exposing myself to new cultures always serves as inspiration for my recipes.)