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Best Pellets for Grill 2020

Searing has become one of the most preferred cooking techniques nowadays. After all who can resist an incredible depth of flavor and an appetizing color brought about by this cooking technique.

Aside from the taste and appearance, the searing process can also help in killing bacteria from our meats, poultry, and fish. Thus, making the whole process worth the effort.

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Best Gas Grill for a Single Person 2020

Everybody loves barbecue however, not everyone has space for a big grill on their balcony or backyard. And if you only cook for yourself, who needs a massive grill anyway?

In choosing your grill, it is very important that we consider the quality, its size and portability if you plan to bring it along to camping, boating or tailgating.

Whether you live alone or have a limited space at home, you can still grill your own steak with the perfect gas grill.

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3 Best Gas Grills for Coastal Environment and Beach Houses 2020

For many cooks and food lovers, a good beach getaway is not complete without a barbecue. There are thousands of different grill models on the market, most of which could probably get the job done wherever you’re grilling.

However, if you want the optimum performance for your beach grill out, you should pay more attention to details and features that are specially made for the occasion.

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4 Best Gas Grill With Cast Iron Grates 2020

Anyone who loves a good bbq session knows that a reliable gas grill is the way to go. If you know your way around the grill, then you are aware that there are several things that you should consider when choosing your gas grill.

There’s a wide variety of models and features to choose from.

You can opt for cheaper gas grills that get the job done and are still very much well-equipped with the basic features, but there are also grill experts and enthusiasts who are willing to modify and adjust their budget for certain styles and features depending on their lifestyle and cooking needs.

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Best Meat for Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie is a cooking style where meat is skewered in a long solid rod and roasted over a direct fire or in an oven while being rotated continuously until cooked.

This can be traced back as early as the 1400s and it has evolved over time by using different meats and by employing different methods of preparation.

Deciding on what is the best meat for rotisserie can be a bit tricky but here are some of the commonly used meats:

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Best Pellet Grill for Searing 2020

Searing is a popular cooking technique when preparing meat, fish or poultry. Often mistaken as something similar to grilling, searing actually uses higher temperatures while cooking.

This is done until a caramelized crust forms. It is said that this cooking technique can help seal the moisture of the meat thus, making one enjoy a truly delicious and juicy meal. No wonder why pellet grills are very popular nowadays.

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best pellet grills for searing

Unfortunately, not all pellet grills can be used for searing. Some are not capable of providing the recommended temperature that can yield good searing results.

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is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy or Not? is Rotisserie Chicken Good for You?

Rotisserie chicken has been part of our daily lives. For working moms, grabbing this ready-to-eat chicken from nearby grocery stores has been a life-saver especially on instances that they no longer have time to prepare home-cooked meals.

Individuals who are on a diet and do not have the luxury of time to prepare their meals also prefer this convenient protein-packed option since preparing one's own chicken may take some time.

Price, convenience, and availability have made this dish a popular choice where more than 600 million rotisserie chickens sold every year.

Despite all of these wonderful things about a rotisserie chicken, a lot of households are also concerned about its nutritional value and thus, questions have been raised - "is rotisserie chicken healthy or not? is rotisserie chicken good for you?"

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