Best Meat for Rotisserie Cooking

Rotisserie is a cooking style where meat is skewered in a long solid rod and roasted over a direct fire or in an oven while being rotated continuously until cooked.

This can be traced back as early as the 1400s and it has evolved over time by using different meats and by employing different methods of preparation.

Deciding on what is the best meat for rotisserie can be a bit tricky but here are some of the commonly used meats:


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1. Chicken

chicken for rotisserie

This is actually the most popular rotisserie and it is readily for sale in stores like member-only supermarkets. In Costco, more than 600 million chicken rotisserie are sold annually.

Chicken rotisserie is normally cooked as a whole and seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and other spices. If you are planning to prepare your own, make sure to season the insides of the chicken as well.

2. Turkey

turkey for rotisserie

As part of the tradition, rotisserie turkey is considered to be the main course in a Thanksgiving dinner since this serves as a reminder of the four (4) wild turkeys served during the first Thanksgiving feast.

This is also normally cooked as a whole. A great turkey rotisserie is basting on its own juice, moist and tender. It is best paired with some mashed or baked potatoes.

3. Beef

beef for rotisserie

The key to a successful beef rotisserie is choosing the correct beef cut. It is suggested to choose beef cuts that have the basic cylindrical shape such as tenderloin cuts or the boneless prime rib.

Rib-eye and top loin can also make a great beef rotisserie. Beef cuts that do not have enough marbling may not be ideal since the marbling is the key to keeping it tender.

Seasoning beef by adding salt, pepper, and some fresh herbs is a simple way to make a delicious rotisserie. Just be mindful of the cooking time and not overcook it.

4. Pork

pork for rotisserie

It can be cooked as a whole or by smaller cuts such as the pork shoulder, pork leg and pork tenderloin.

Aside from the regular seasoning, it is also recommended to add stuffing such as fresh herbs including lemongrass to make a great pork rotisserie. The stuffing helps flavor the meat from the inside out.

Others become more creative with their whole pork rotisserie by stuffing it with seafood such as crabs and shrimps.

5. Lamb

lam leg for rotisserie

Leg of Lamb rotisserie is popular for its tenderness and flavor especially for the bone-in type. When choosing your lamb meat, make sure to opt for market weight (not too young or too old)

Something special about lamb meat is that they are already flavorful, thus, long and extended marinate is not needed. Basic seasoning and some spices will do the trick. Just be sure to apply the right of heat when cooking and do not overcook.

Cooking time varies depending on the type of meat but on the average, it may take 2-4 hours. Some of the other things to remember when preparing rotisserie include how to truss your meat properly.

Make sure that it is tight in order to keep the meat secured as it shrinks while being cooked.

And of course, you should have a quality rotisserie oven for the tastiest rotisserie meats.

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