Can You Freeze Bagels ? Rescue Extra Bagels Now

When you’re too busy to prepare breakfast from scratch, did bagels cross your mind ? It happens to me all the time. There are days when I need to rush in the morning, and the only solid food I can conveniently eat is a bagel on the way to work.

I love how crispy it is outside, yet chewy and soft inside. Nothing beats a warm fresh bagel in the morning, or anytime you need a quick meal.

Bagel is a type of bread, but it follows a more different procedure. It is first boiled in water then baked.

Some manufacturers let the dough rest overnight to lock in the desired flavor and texture. And while the bagel looks like a donut, it doesn’t have sugar and has a blander taste.

Some kinds of bagel styles which are most popular: Montreal bagel, pizza bagel, panera bagels,...


can you freeze bagels introduction

What makes a bagel special is what you put on it. You can buy plain bagels then spread cream cheese over it. Other yummy options include bacon and eggs.

Sweet bagels have fruit and sweet toppings like strawberries, blueberries, and raisins. You can have a tasty bagel for breakfast and a sweet one for snacks. The possibilities are endless!

The yummy goodness of bagels sometimes gets to me that I end up purchasing more than I intended. But instead of throwing those excess bagels, I would use them in other recipes.

Sometimes I turn bagels into croutons or use them in puddings and stuffing. But what if you’re looking for just bagels the next day? Can you freeze bagels instead ?

Yes, You Can Freeze The Bagels But A Few Things First

freeze the bagels

Fortunately, you can keep those extra bagels in your freezer for a few more days, and you’d just have to toast or reheat them in the next following days. But before you do, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

  • If you don’t want to freeze the bagels but still keep bagels stay fresh from molding the next day, secure the tie-twist that comes in the packaging. Place your bag of bagels in a brown paper bag, close and keep in the pantry. Your bagels will still come up soft and crispy.
  • For the question "how long do bagels last in the freezer", this is the answer: "frozen bagels may last in your freezer for around three months, but it’s best to consume them before that. You can heat frozen bagels in the oven, or use some other methods,....
  • Be wary of freezer burn. Your bagels can sustain freezer burn if they’re not entirely wrapped and the cold of the freezer dehydrated the bread. You wouldn’t want to eat bagels that have been freezer burnt.

Guide to Freezing Bagels

Freezing bagels requires just a few steps to accomplish. You can do this for all your bagels you can’t consume for the day and save yourself another trip to the bakery.

1. Slice Your Bagels

slice bagels

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Slice your bagels to a size that can fit your toaster. Use a mechanical slicer to do it safely or use a serrated bread knife to ensure even slicing.

2. Wrap the Bagels

Place the sliced bagels inside a freezer wrap. Arrange them in one to layers. Use another wrap if required to prevent overcrowding. This way, you can buy just enough bagels to thaw and eat.

3. Store Wrapped Bagels in a Ziplock Bag

You want to double-wrap your bagels to prevent freezer burns. This way, you have two walls protecting your bagels. Remove excess air before closing the bag.

4. Freeze the Bagels

Place the bagels in your freezer. That easy !

Thawing Bagels

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Thawing bagels is even easier than freezing them. There are many ways to go about this.

If you’re using a toaster, you don’t need to thaw the bagels (unfreeze bagels) anymore. Just position sliced bagels into the toaster and wait for it to toast. You can then eat the bagel right away.

reheat bagels

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Alternatively, you can use the microwave. However, since microwave heats food by absorbing its liquid, you need to moisten the bagel first.

Dip the bagel in warm water and place on a microwave-safe dish. Cover loosely with a paper towel. Microwave in 20-second bursts until bagel is cooked enough here...

sliced bagels

You may also use your oven to thaw and reheat the bagel. Just place the frozen bagel on a wire rack and drizzle with three tablespoons of water over it.

Bake the bagels for 15 minutes and remove from the oven. Your bagel should come out still soft inside but crusty outside.


homemade bagels

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The bagel is a cheap alternative for a homemade breakfast, and it’s no wonder why a lot of people love it. If you happen to purchase more than you can reasonably consume, you can just freeze the bagels properly and thaw when needed.



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