Can You Freeze Scrambled Eggs? The Most Surprising Way to Do It

I probably cannot live without eggs. I look for eggs at the breakfast table. The egg sandwich is my default snack. As a result, I would buy a lot of eggs especially when they go on sale because I get to save a lot of money.

Many people would refer to eggs as the “poor man’s protein”. Eggs are also my primary source of protein. I eat hard-boiled eggs before working out, then make an egg sandwich mid-day.

One morning, I cooked a dozen of scrambled eggs for the family. But everyone skipped breakfast because they’re running late !

And while I like eggs so much, I couldn’t possibly consume that much in one meal. Then I decided I should just eat some and save the rest in the freezer.


Freezer Burn Can Seriously Hurt Your Food

freezer burn

Before you cook and freeze your eggs, there’s one thing you need to understand: freezer burn.

Freezer burn occurs when frozen food that has not been properly wrapped oxidizes and dehydrates. This results in food becoming damaged and spoiled.

Frozen food develops discoloration, and its texture turns rubbery. You may still be able to consume freezer burnt food, but the taste and texture will certainly be less appealing.

I admit I learned about freezer burn the hard way. Now that I freeze some food for future use, I’ve become more careful with the freezing process. And as for the question: can you freeze scrambled eggs ? The short answer is yes.

Step-by-Step Guide of Freezing Scrambled Egg

There’s a lot of reason why you might want to freeze scrambled eggs. Maybe you’d like to cook them in advance and spend less time cooking in the morning. Or you also happen to cook more eggs than necessary and don’t want them to go to waste.

Whichever is the case, it is important to learn how to freeze scrambled eggs properly. Let me share with you how I do it.

1. Cook It a Little Runny

little runny scrambled eggs

If you have the intention to freeze and save some of the scrambled eggs, you must remember not to cook it well done. Cooking it a little runny will make it less prone to rubbery texture when thawed and reheated.

It’s also great to cook your scrambled eggs according to your favorite recipe. If you like vegetables, tomatoes, and cheese, then, by all means, cook it that way.

2. Let Them Cool

let scrambled eggs cool

It is important to let the eggs cool off completely before freezing them. Freezing them while warm will cause spoilage and cause your freezer to work harder than necessary.

3. Portion Them

Divide the scrambled eggs into single serving portions. You can measure each part by filling a small cup or muffin tin. This will help in freezing the scrambled eggs uniformly.

It’s also handy if you just need to consume a single serving because it will be easier to thaw and reheat.

4. Transfer Each Portion into Plastic Wraps

transfer scrambled eggs into plastic wrap

Place each serving into individual plastic wraps. Make sure to squeeze as much air as possible before closing the wrap to prevent freezer burn.

put wrapped scrambled eggs in freezer wrap

Next, put all wrapped scrambled eggs inside a freezer wrap, laying them down in one single layer. You may also place inside an airtight container.

5. Label

Lastly, label the freezer bag or container with the freezing date. This allows you to instantly see how long these eggs have been sitting in your fridge. You also know which ones to consume first if you freeze batches of scrambled eggs at different times.

How Long Does Frozen Scrambled Eggs Keep

how long does frozen scrambled eggs keep

Properly wrapped and frozen scrambled eggs will keep even up to a year. If you thaw them out properly before re-heating or using in other dishes, they should still taste great.

However, it is recommended to consume frozen scrambled eggs between three to six months of the freezing date.

Important: Thaw Before Reheating

Lastly, remember to thaw the scrambled eggs first before re-heating. You can leave them in the refrigerator overnight, and they will thaw safely.

thaw scrambled eggs in the microwave

You may also thaw the eggs in the microwave in its defrost setting. Avoid cooking frozen scrambled eggs directly without thawing.


can you freeze scrambled eggs conclusion

Freezing is a proven method to preserve most foods for future use. You just need to wrap the eggs properly and thaw them out safely before consuming.

Freezing is an easy process that can potentially save you time and money, so don’t hesitate to freeze any extra eggs you cook.



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