Expert Guide on How to Clean Pampered Chef Stoneware

Understanding how to clean Pampered Chef Stoneware is indeed important as it keeps the stoneware for a longer time with a possible condition. So, you can enjoy your cooking hobby for many years without worrying about replacing the broken stone.

This natural product may not require you to apply any particular cleaning goods or methods. As a matter of fact, you only have to prepare the nylon scraper and hot, clean water. Let’s go to our detailed steps to know the best way to clean Pampered Chef Stoneware.


What You Should Know about Pampered Chef Stoneware

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Stoneware is widely used somewhat because it can adapt well with both traditional ovens and microwave. The Pampered Chef products were firstly launched in the humble beginnings in 1980.

Then, the business of Doris Christopher grew fast by offering cooking products with high quality under the name of "Cooking Shows". Then, it became a dedicated Berkshire Hathaway element.

Among more than 310 products offered by Pampered Chef in 2011, the stoneware can be defined as one of the most favorite choices of housewives.

If you can treat and clean your Pampered Chef Stoneware correctly, it will become seasoned as well as develop the protective layer which is similar to that in the seasoned cast pan made of iron.

Why Should You Clean Your Pampered Chef Stoneware ?

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We have to affirm that stoneware baking trays and pans under the brand name of Pampered Chef were designed with the naturally surface adding the non-stick function. So, you may cook food without or a little oil.

In fact, your baking dishes can get more awesome thanks to a cleaning and seasoning process of the Pampered Chef Stoneware. It notably improves the stoneware surface. Try it yourself and see the result !

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But do not forget that the higher your foods’ fat content is cooked on the stoneware, the darker it becomes. For this reason, you will witness the better baking or cooking results after cleaning the super dark stoneware!

Things to Prepare Before Cleaning

  • Dish towel to serve for the purpose of drying.
  • Nylon brush has the scraper on its end.
  • Plastic scrapers which come with the Pampered Chef Stoneware.
  • The optional tool can be the baking soda for deep cleaning.

Easy Steps on How to Clean Pampered Chef Stoneware

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As Pampered Chef Stoneware comes in a plenty of different sizes and shapes, these following cleaning tips can help you to clean all available stoneware types.

1. General Cleaning

  • Wash the new stoneware: For new Pampered Chef Stoneware, remove the dish from its package before washing. You should do this task manually.
  • ​If you are cleaning a stoneware which was just removed from the heat, please make sure that it is cool enough. Dry and rinse it thoroughly with the towel before setting aside.
  • ​Soak the stoneware in hot and clean water to remove and loosen any remaining food.
  • ​Next, use a nylon scraper to scrape off the food. You should not use aerosol spray with the non-stick function on its surface because it may cause a stickier surface which prevents seasoning.
  • ​Then, wait until your stoneware have been seasoned initially and use it for the task of food preparation.

2. Deep Cleaning

  • To have the deep clean of your stoneware, please mix a ½ cup of baking soda along with 3 tablespoons of water.
  • ​Apply the mix to the dirty areas of your stoneware and let it be there for about 15 minutes.
  • ​Next, scrape off the paste before rinsing well. Dry your stoneware thoroughly and put away.
  • ​Pour the cooking oil into one large bowl placed in the sink and reserve for future use or seasoning.
  • Wipe the container inside lightly with the paper towel. Next, bake with the container within some more days.
  • Dip the paper towel directly in oil. Rub it gently around the stoneware inside surface before using during your three applications. It will remain coated, and you now have the non-stick surface of the stoneware for future use.

For The Pan of The Pampered Chef Stoneware

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  • Preheat the oven to about 420 degrees F.
  • ​Place its pan directly inside your pre-heated oven and keep it for about 20 minutes.
  • ​Then, remove its pan with the oven mitts. Next, set the pan to cool while setting it on the sturdy wire rack. Turn off the oven.
  • Now, you only need to let the pan cool for about three hours. Your pan may cool completely as well as absorb the oil additionally.

Simple Tips to Follow

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bottle of vegetable oil

Fill the stoneware inside with the vegetable oil prior to use. The suggested amount is two-thirds full, especially for the muffin pan.​

How to Preserve Pampered Chef Stoneware

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  • Only use the stoneware on the indirect heat, such as microwaves and ovens. Avoid exposing it to direct broilers or heat.
  • ​Brush the cooking oil in its’ surface the first and second time of using, or bake the fatty foods so you can add the natural oil directly to your stoneware.
  • ​Also, avoid using the aerosol spray because cooking some types of fatty foods makes your stoneware in the non-stick surface.
  • ​Only clean the Pampered Chef Stoneware by hand wash in hot and fresh water. Use the food scraper gently to remove the excess gunk.
  • Do not subject your stoneware to extreme changes of the temperature. Thaw food before cooking it. Please avoid moving it directly from your freezer to your oven.


Pampered Chef Stoneware can be considered a great and stunning kitchen tool which you may use for cooking and baking.

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What makes this product distinctive and extraordinary is that the stoneware becomes seasoned when using as well as becoming better for a long time.

To properly clean and maintain the stoneware along with preserving your seasoning, you should follow our above simple instructions.



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