What Does Lemongrass Taste Like ? 4 Easy Cooking Methods to Use It

If you eat a lot of Asian food, especially Thai, you’ve probably noticed that tangy and lemony flavor in your soup or stir-fry meal more than once.

When you looked at the ingredients, you found that there was not a single slice of lemon. Chances are, you’ve just experienced the wonderful flavor of lemongrass.

While there is lemon in Western cuisine, there’s lemongrass in the East. But what does lemongrass taste like ?

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Secrets of The Home Cooks: How Long Does Kimchi Last ?

Kimchi is Korea’s most popular and favorite food. No meal is ever complete without a serving of Kimchi on the table. Kimchi is fermented cabbage soaking in brine with chili flakes, garlic, and ginger.

This dish boasts of tangy, savory and sometimes fiery flavors. In fact, this dish is so popular that Koreans say “Kimchi” instead of “chee” when taking pictures.

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Can You Freeze Bagels ? Rescue Extra Bagels Now

When you’re too busy to prepare breakfast from scratch, did bagels cross your mind ? It happens to me all the time. There are days when I need to rush in the morning, and the only solid food I can conveniently eat is a bagel on the way to work.

I love how crispy it is outside, yet chewy and soft inside. Nothing beats a warm fresh bagel in the morning, or anytime you need a quick meal.

Bagel is a type of bread, but it follows a more different procedure. It is first boiled in water then baked.

Some manufacturers let the dough rest overnight to lock in the desired flavor and texture. And while the bagel looks like a donut, it doesn’t have sugar and has a blander taste.

Some kinds of bagel styles which are most popular: Montreal bagel, pizza bagel, panera bagels,...

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Expert Guide on How to Clean Pampered Chef Stoneware

Understanding how to clean Pampered Chef Stoneware is indeed important as it keeps the stoneware for a longer time with a possible condition. So, you can enjoy your cooking hobby for many years without worrying about replacing the broken stone.

This natural product may not require you to apply any particular cleaning goods or methods. As a matter of fact, you only have to prepare the nylon scraper and hot, clean water. Let’s go to our detailed steps to know the best way to clean Pampered Chef Stoneware.

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How to Freeze Leeks ? 5 Great Tips to Blow Your Mind

In a plenty of our favorite and luxury meals, we need leeks and celery to add and decorate the dish (fresh leeks, creamed leeks, sauteed leeks,..). Being acutely aware of its importance, we will introduce some great tips on how to freeze leeks.

No one will prefer to use the unfrozen leeks because of the essential hygiene and attractive presentation. Also, blanching and freezing activate enzymes that preserve your leeks longer and better.

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5 Easy Substitute for Pinto Beans That You Should Know

Pinto beans are one of the most consumed legumes because they can be flexibly used in a variety of dishes. The pinto bean is a beautiful oval-shaped bean with cream-colored shells and specks of browns. When cooked, the beans turn pink.

Pinto beans are very popular in South America and Latin America. It is also the bean of choice for the famous Mexican re-fried beans recipe.

Apart from that, pinto beans can be cooked in variety of ways. You can mash the beans and turn them into dips, or use them for soups and and baked dishes.

Sometimes, you don't have enough pinto beans for dishes, you can also substitute for pinto beans by others. Let's read "5 Alternatives to Pinto Beans" below to discover.

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